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Shona is 43 and now has a lovely 3 month old daughter thanks to Dr Eccles’ help. She had years of illness, a very low immune system and had an underlying fatigue, foggy brain, achey muscles and swollen glands that made life miserable. Shona had been trying to fall pregnant for at least 3 years before she came to see Dr Eccles.

1. How did you come to hear about Dr Eccles and his work with hormonal imbalances?

I was referred by my kinesiologist Marian Bourne. We had got as far as we could with homeopathy to boost my hormones. I was trying to fall pregnant without success for about 3 years at this point.

2.What was your experience with the appointment and the outcome?*

At first I was nervous. I hadn’t had pleasant experiences with doctors and specialists. I had undiagnosed health issues for some time, and kept getting fobbed off.

Meeting Dr Eccles was a relief. Here was a specialist who listened to me and to my research that I had done in desperation. He was interested, kind, and had an easy strategy to follow. We tested my hormones and based on the results, Dr Eccles prescribed D3 and additional DHEA. I started feeling better almost immediately. After another test and a tweak of the levels, Dr Eccles added progesterone cream to encourage any pregnancy I might have.

I felt so much better, happier, more capable, more energy, no longer invisible and within a couple of months I fell pregnant naturally.*

3. What did Dr Eccles Prescribe?

A combination of nutritional supplements and hormonal treatments including creams.

4. How did the treatment help your situation?*

My first pregnancy sadly ended in miscarriage, but I continued to feel better and better within myself. The old aches and nerves and lethargy were long gone. I’m sure that my new level of health helped me cope with the loss and to keep trying. We took a bit longer to get pregnant the second time, but it was successful, resulting in my beautiful baby girl.*

5. Can you give some advice to women out there that may be suffering with similar issues?

Women seem to think they have to suffer through these things. It’s a very strange cultural belief, that somehow we don’t deserve good health. We also tend to believe that we are not worth paying to go private for. Yet the years I spent feeling unwell and depressed over the lack of answers was years lost.
Dr Eccles explained to me that a huge proportion of us are deficient in D3 for instance, and without that we can’t make other hormones. And without hormones we just don’t function.

Please don’t delay going to see Dr Eccles. He is passionate in this area and you are bound to be feeling better so much faster.

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